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FIVE STAR COMEDY ft Jordan Leung, Bryan Bentley, Pete Grella, & Abby Tsao

Comedy.HK returns to Terrible Baby after four sold-out showcases! Featuring the top comics in the Hong Kong comedy: Jordan Leung, Pete Grella, Bryan Bentley, and Abby Tsao!

Stand-up comedian Jordan Leung is serious about being funny. The up-and-coming artist, who returned to Hong Kong from the US in 2020, has been learning Cantonese slang and catchphrases to tune in with the local audience.

He enjoys pointing out local nuances and keeps a notebook in his pocket to help him develop ideas and structure them for a performance. Leung hopes locals can embrace and support other forms of the art.

Bryan Bentley has been performing stand-up comedy in Hong Kong since 2018. In that short time, he has performed at Take-Out Comedy as well as Backstage Comedy and several venues around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, as well as several shows in Shenzhen and Xiamen China. Bryan is a regular at the Bar 109 open mic on Mondays and hosts The Aftermath Open Mic weekly. With a mix of observational comedy about being a self-proclaimed “Boujie Ass Negro” along with a dose of healthy self-reflection, his energetic personality, and unique look always brings a good time.

Pete Grella is a Hong Kong-based stand-up comedian and improviser who has been cutting up audiences around Asia for over 11 years. In addition to being a regular performer in Hong Kong, Pete has performed in New York City and all over Asia. He has also hosted or opened for a long list of visiting international comics, including Tom Cotter, Paul Ogata, Tom Segura, Ruben Paul, Barry Hilton and Ari Shaffir. Pete’s sets often dissect life as an expat (and just trying to fit in, in general), though he’s never afraid to poke fun at himself and his own bad habits. He also likes to engage the audience, so if you're sitting up front, be ready to chat!

When he’s not performing or teaching, Pete has been known to live on an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea raising sea monkeys.

“Pete Grella is one of the shining stars of the Hong Kong comedy scene. Stand-up, improv, sketch, Pete does it all!”

-Paul Ogata

“Pete uses his experiences in life and in living abroad to poke fun at himself, to share his take on life, and to explore just trying to fit in. Which is all just a polite way to say he's broken down, old and lives far away... but is still damn funny. His clever comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, and his improvisational skills will have the audience in stitches before they even know what’s hit them!”

- Tom Cotter

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