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Terrible Baby's unusual name is a literal translation of the French phrase ‘L’Enfant Terrible.’ It refers to a group of young, passionate and fearless creatives who take inspiration from the Dadaist art movement. They are talented yet non-conformists; innovative and unorthodox who enjoy taking risks and being daring. Terribly Baby embodies the thought-provoking and rebellious characteristics of this boundary-pushing faction of ambitious youths.


Located on the 4th floor of Eaton HK, Terrible Baby is accessible from Pak Hoi Street via a dedicated neon-lit escalator, or the hotel’s retro glass elevators which provide a glimpse into the thriving scene as they move between floors. The space boasts a lush outdoor terrace that looks out over some of Jordan’s most iconic buildings, a Music Room, Gallery Room and access to Eaton House co-working space. 


With music at the heart of the Terrible Baby experience, guests can expect a diverse schedule of both local and international live sets on a weekly basis

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