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Terrible Baby’s vibing terrace bar debuts a new suite of twelve captivating cocktails this summer. Crafted by star mixologist Axel Gonzalez, the new ultra-creative cocktail collection champions locally-sourced ingredients front and center.

The berry-forward Boo Hoo (HK$95) by Axel Gonzalez is a fruity mix of blended Scotch whisky, blackberry liqueur, housemade local hibiscus cordial, fresh and juicy blackberries alongside mint and balancing citrus.

Thyme for Buko (HK$95) packs a punch and is big on herbaceous fragrance thanks to a generous thyme garnish blended with thyme-infused gin and a creative take on Campari house-aged in young coconut. Sweet vermouth and spicy habanero bitters finish off this spirit-forward tropical take on a Negroni. Also big on herbs is the Pineapple Express (HK$105), a funky and spicy take on tropical punch made with London dry gin, Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Liqueur, house-made South East Asian pineapple and basil soda, guava foam and citrus.

The Lonely Apple (HK$95) is adorably garnished with a whole mini apple that is almost too cute to bite into. Made with rich bourbon, Asian shiso leaf and green apple liqueurs, the Lonely Apple is topped with apple juice and yuzu juice. This uplifting libation zings with Asian herbal notes and the craveable sweet-sour character of green apples.

The Osmanthus Blossom (HK$95) is a vibrant and floral blend of vodka, sakura vermouth, local osmanthus tea and chamomile syrup made with locally-sourced buds and citrus. The light and elegant tipple is feminine and delicate - perfect for spring drinking in the open air. Guests are sure to lust after Axel’s captivating Love Potion (HK$95) made with house-infused lavender dry gin, vibrant strawberry and seasonal local red dragon fruit foam, Hong Kong honey and citrus. The seductive libation is as floral as a romantic bouquet and boasts sensual creamy and fruity notes.

Terrible Baby's cocktails are created in partnership with closed-loop spirits distribution system ecoSPIRITS, who we've partnered with since 2020. ecoSPIRITS is an innovative technology that nearly eliminates single-use glass waste and packaging waste in the spirits supply chain, saving 30g of carbon emissions per serve. We're all about creating and offering unique cocktails to the world while being mindful of our environmental impact and responsibility.

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