We’ve launched two brand new cocktails inspired by Luke Casey’s SPECTERS: Bride's Pool (bright, citrusy and tequila-based) and Calypso (sweet, fruity and rum-based).
Come anytime during the exhibition period to enjoy!

In Terrible Baby’s first ever collaboration with Eaton HK’s art gallery Tomorrow Maybe, we’ve launched two brand new cocktails inspired by photographer and director Luke Casey’s new solo show Specters.

Specters is a hallucinative, uncanny journey traversing the universes of nature, spirituality, and technology constructed with photography and video artworks. The show explores memory and collective consciousness, and illustrates the potential of AI to help us connect with the supernatural world. It also poses questions around reality, and the fickleness of truth in the digital age.

The two cocktails --- Bride’s Pool and Calypso --- were created by Axel to pay homage to the supernatural a la Luke Casey’s world. Bride’s Pool is a bright, citrusy tequila-based cocktail that recounts the folklore of a bride who fell into the idyllic waterfall at Plover Cove Country Park near Tai Mei Tuk. Today, some people report seeing the ghost of the bride, brushing her hair near the waters in a red cheongsam. Calypso is a sweet, fruity rum-based cocktail that tells the story of the Calypso ghost in Polynesian culture who protects their islands by making visitors homesick and scaring them off.

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